Choosing a major

What should I study in College?

Choosing the right major is a very important decision in your life and yet a very difficult task. You might know some people that have always known their passion and have a clear idea of what degree to study. However, the truth is that the majority of students are usually unsure of what career to Read More

Top 15 Engineering Schools in the USA

Top 15 Engineering Schools in the USA

Why study engineering in USA? Should I study engineering? Where to study engineering? After having finished high school, a lot of questions will raise about what to study; especially if you have already chosen a field but you do not know the specialty. I hope this post will help you to decide where and what Read More

Cómo atraer estudiantes internacionales a tu universidad.

How to Attract International Students to your University

Attention. That’s what colleges are looking for, visibility for their brand. They seek to have wider international projection as the academic market is taking on a more competitive environment. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract students’ attention because of the different stimuli already established or emerging in the environment of recruitment. This competitiveness Read More

How to get an internship in the Unites States?

How to Get an Internship in the Unites States?

Nowadays, we live in a world that is highly connected. Everyone can travel low cost and know more in deep about other cultures. For example, we can travel within the Schengen area with a single visa, in a few hours we can travel from Madrid to NYC, or we can even visit inner China. Lots Read More

¿En qué consiste la captación de estudiantes online?

How Does Online Recruitment Work?

New technologies have helped us to improve our lives in an incredible way. They have also opened the door to new possibilities such us connect people around the world in few clicks. They can be taken as an opportunity or as a threat. For instance, universities can use them to be more international than ever. Read More

study in the usa for international students

Study in the USA for International Students

Experience the States from within New York, Boston, Washington DC, Miami… They are cities that transmit sensations that could not be felt in any other place in the world. The United States, the country of opportunity, the country of hope and where more and more students want to start their academic adventure. Will you be Read More

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