Graduate Assistantship

Graduate Assistantship, what is it?

What is graduate assistantship? A graduate assistant (GA) is usually someone who serves in a supportive role while completing his or her post graduate education. Usually the person assists the professor with instructional responsibility or helps college coaches with an athletic team. Instead of receiving an hourly wage, graduate assistants are often getting paid in Read More

The Best 10 Division I Universities for Men’s Basketball

If you are a basketball player and you want to continue competing at the highest level while attending university at the same time, the United States is great choice! There are thousands of American universities offering athletics scholarships, and in this post, we are going to talk about the top 10 universities to play men’s Read More

what are sat subjects tests

What are SAT Subjects Tests

Although it is not always necessary, since only a very elite group of universities ask for the Subject Tests, now is the time to consider examining yourself in two or three Subject Tests. Like the SAT, the SAT Subject Tests are type tests, each one scored from 200 to 800. Each exam has a different Read More

How to Study in Spain

How to Study in Spain

Studying in Spain is an incredible experience, and an option that many students from all over the world don’t contemplate since they don’t know how to start the process or what are the requirements to study at a Spanish University. Therefore, today we explain what you should do if you would like to study at the Read More

Track and Field Scholarships in USA

Athletic Scholarships at American Universities Young athletes face a difficult situation when they finish High School. They have to choose between their sport and university studies. The truth is that it is very complicated to combine the two things. For this reason, every year young athletes all over the globe see athletics scholarships in the Read More


College Board Scores

The College Board is an organization that simplifies the admission process to American universities. The College Board is in charge of creating the standardized tests like the SAT, through which students are tested and evaluate in the admission process to American colleges. It is very important for you to get familiarized with this organization, since Read More

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