Mooxye is a digital platform that connects universities and academic organizations with students from all over the world and guides them on their path to access university.


How to Use Mooxye?

Steps to follow:

  • Update and complete your profile with your personal, academic and extracurricular information (or athletic information in case you are a student-athlete)
  • Get to know all info and requirements you need to meet to access universities under the “Action Plan” section
  • Read interesting and useful information in the Mooxye Feed (Mooxye Home)
  • Learn more about universities and their study programs
  • Find the best scholarship for you under the “Scholarships” section and request more information about it

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Mooxye is available in two languages at the moment: English and Spanish. Once you log in, you can change the language clicking on “Settings” (if your current language is English) or “Ajustes” (if your current language is Spanish). This button is located in a drop-down menu that appears after clicking your profile picture located in the main menu and has the title of “Me” or “Yo”.

  • Login > Me > Settings > Change Language

It’s important that you configure the account with the preferred language, since all the notifications and news you will receive, will be on that language.

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At Mooxye we respect the privacy of our users, you can see our privacy policy here. Mooxye is a digital platform where universities and students can create a profile and connect. For this reason, at Mooxye, we dedicate part of our time to verify each of the profiles, whether is a university profile or a student profile, to avoid any type of spam or troll.

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For Students

In Mooxye, you are able to search for universities, degrees, and scholarships. There is a tab for each of these categories in the main menu. Once you click the tab of one of these three categories, you will see all the options available in Mooxye, as well as a series of filters you can use to find the option that best fits you.

For example, if you want to search for an academic institution, you should click on “Universities”. You will see all the academic universities in Mooxye, you can filter by country, field of study, tuition price, or just search by the name of the university. Click on the one that interest you the most, and when you are in its profile, you can request more information. Once you have sent the request, a person from the admission department of the university will contact you directly.

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If you are interested in any of the scholarships posted in Mooxye, you should request more information about it. In order to do it, you must:

  • First, log into your Mooxye account
  • Click on “Scholarships” located in the main menu
  • Find the scholarships that you are interested in
  • Click in the button “SEE MORE” 
  • You will now be able to see more information about this scholarship
  • If you are interested you should click on the button that says, “I WANT TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION” 
  • You will be directed to the las step, where you have to click once again “I WANT TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION”
  • Once you have applied for a scholarship, the university will contact you directly


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As a student, you will be contacted by the university once you request information about the institution, or any of their academic degrees or scholarships.

Once the university receive your request, a person responsible of the admission department will directly contact you.

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Yes, it’s essential that you complete your Mooxye profile. Your profile will be shown to universities and college coaches (in case you are an athlete). You won’t be able to apply for any scholarship or request information about universities without previously saved your information in your profile.

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No, it doesn’t matter from which country you are from to apply for a scholarship. As a matter of fact, the majority of the scholarships posted in Mooxye are for international students. As a student who want to study abroad, you have a lot and great opportunities in Mooxye.

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There are mandatory requirements that you must meet if you want to study abroad and be admitted. We have currently 4 action plans that you can follow:

  • University studies in the US (if you want to study at an American university)
  • Athletic Scholarships in the US (if you are an athlete)
  • University studies in the UK (if you want to study at a British university)
  • University studies in Spain (if you want to study at a Spanish university)

You can find all this information under the “Action Plan” tab, located on the main menu.

You will find here things like VISA status, Mandatory Exams, University Advices, etc.

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We apologize, but at the moment, we don’t have any phone service center. We hope you can find what your are looking for in this page. If not, you can contact us via email here

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If you are looking to study abroad, you may need to get a VISA. You can find all the information, requirements, and steps you must follow to obtain the VISA under “My Tasks” section of your Mooxye profile.

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If you are having trouble to register, we recommend you login with the credentials (email and password) you used when registered in Mooxye. It may be possible that you have already registered previously, and the system detects it as an error.

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Once you complete the registration in Mooxye you should receive an email that you must open and click in order to verify your account. If you haven’t received it please:

  • Check the SPAM folder of your email
  • Make sure you used the right email in the registration process
  • Be patient, it may be possible the email takes a little longer sometimes, wait 2 to 4 hours.

In case you still haven’t received this email, contact us.

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For Universities

In order to complete and update the information about your academic institution, you should click on the “About” tab, located on the left side of the screen under your logo.

Here, you will be able to post relevant information such as the location, the web address, or a description of the university.

You can edit it anytime you want by clicking the button in the upper right side of the screen ““.

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You can see all your received leads by clicking on “Received Leads” located in the main menu. You will be able to filter by leads received during this month, previous month, or historic leads.

Depending on your type of account, free or premium, you will be able to see all the leads or just a few of them.

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You will be able to download a file with all the academic and personal information for the students who have requested information about your university, your academic programs or scholarships. You will find the date in which the students requested the information, their contact details and their tutors.

You can export your received leads by clicking on “Received Leads” located in the main menu. Then you should click on the black and green button that says: “Download Leads”  –>  

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In order to upload photos and videos to your profile, you should click in the Tab that says “Pictures” if you want to upload photos, and in the Tab that says “Videos” if you want to upload videos. Both tabs are located in the left side of the screen under the logo and the university name.

Once you click you will see a landing where shows the videos or pictures you have already uploaded before, or none if you haven’t done it yet. You can edit or post new content by clicking in the button edit in the upper right corner of the screen: 

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In order to upload a scholarship or a degree, you must first click on the Tab that says “Scholarships” or “Degrees” that are on the left side of the screen, under the logo of your university.

Once you click there, you will see all the scholarships or degrees you have upload previously. If you haven’t posted anything yet, you will find it blank.

In order to post a new one, either a scholarship or a degree, you must click the button that says “+ Create” on the upper right side of the screen. You will find then a pop-up with the information you have to fill. Once you have done it, you just need to click on “Publish”.

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