¿En qué consiste la captación de estudiantes online?

How Does Online Recruitment Work?

New technologies have helped us to improve our lives in an incredible way. They have also opened the door to new possibilities such us connect people around the world in few clicks. They can be taken as an opportunity or as a threat. For instance, universities can use them to be more international than ever. Read More

study in the usa for international students

Study in the USA for International Students

Experience the States from within New York, Boston, Washington DC, Miami… They are cities that transmit sensations that could not be felt in any other place in the world. The United States, the country of opportunity, the country of hope and where more and more students want to start their academic adventure. Will you be Read More

Luis an international student in USA

Luis Periel’s Experience as an International Student

Luis Periel is a guy from Madrid that lived in Spain until he was 18. Once he finished high school he decided to go to the United states to attend university. When he was in high school he played soccer and rugby and he was always a big music fan. When he was 12 he Read More

Student Recruitment

How to Increase Student Recruitment in 2019

  Student recruitment can be a very exciting and lively thing, but this component of college admission can face lot of challenges. Being able to help and advice a student when searching for a university and/or academic degree is very important, since this choice may mark this person’s future life. But recruiters are facing lot Read More


Where to Study in Spain?

Do you want to keep studying in Spain but you don’t know in what city or University? It’s time to decide what you want to major in. Beyond choosing what do you want to study you need to pick a university as well as a city where you would want to spend your college career. Read More

How can Mooxye help universities to get more students by investing less resources?

What is the current situation of universities? There are many universities that every year attend on-site to university fairs to promote their offer and their undergraduate programs in search of more students who end up studying at their center. These universities make large investments, not only in paying the fees required by these university fairs Read More

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