Mooxye Foundation

The Mooxye Foundation helps those students with less opportunities in order they get scholarships and access university

  • Access your annual Premium profile for free

  • Daily notifications from scholarships and opportunities offered by universities

  • All the information and requirements you need to meet to access universities and be able to get scholarships

How to get started?


The Mooxye Foundation works hand in hand with Mooxye, a platform that guides students from all over the world on their path to an international university education. The platform has a Premium functionality that costs 9.99 euros per month, which provides great benefits and advantages

  • Create for free your profile

    And share all your personal, academic and extracurricular or athletic achievements in order to gain visibility towards universities

  • Get for free your Premium subscription!

    The Mooxye Foundation provides finance Premium subscriptions to those students who request help and who demonstrate an economic need or a lack of financial resources.



Students who are currently enjoying a Premium annual subscription for free in their profile



The Mooxye Foundation provides financial aid to students from over 200 countries worldwide

Create your profile

The Mooxye Foundation will finance from 6 to 12 months of Premium subscription (from 60 to 120 euros per year) to each student who meets the personal, academic and financial requirements demanded. In order to be evaluated by the Foundation, students will need to complete the following registration and the corresponding fields in their profile that will allow the Foundation responsibles to make a decision regarding their free annual Premium subscription.